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Our Time Youth Agency is a constantly evolving organisation working across Surrey, the United Kingdom & Europe.

We are committed to providing high quality youth work projects for young people from all economic, social or demographic backgrounds.


The company's aim is to work holistically with children and young people, enabling them to develop their personal, social and educational skills through participation and positive engagement.

By enriching their life experiences and achievements, we can ensure they reach their full potential and find their purpose.

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"Our Time Youth Agency is a fantastic hub for young people in Surrey. Alexia supports young people both mentally by leading a range of mental and wellbeing workshops as well as providing health and fitness opportunities for young people through means of Dance and Fitness. We here at Rock it with Rho are proud to have worked with and continue to support the positive and productive work of Our Time Youth Agency."

Rho, CEO Rock it with Rho Ltd.

"The best bit was the group discussions about anxiety and realising we are not alone. Alexia made me feel like I can overcome anything"

Anon, RU OK? workshop, June 2021

"You created a relaxed and fun atmosphere that encouraged honesty and engagement and I think all of the attendees took something positive away from the session. We cannot wait to bring you in for some more workshops, thank you!"

Anon, Move 2 Improve workshop, January 2020


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Move 2 Improve

Our exciting FREE ONLINE project - a fusion of dance and mental health - designed to help young people get moving and feel better

Our Time 2 Get Fit

Our FREE boot camp
experience for young people in Surrey, held at Timberhill Park, Caterham Valley every Thursday at 5pm


Our 6-session, school-based mental health awareness project discussing emotions and relationships


Our 6-week, school-based project - delivered in partnership with Surrey Council & Surrey Police - tackling issues around anti social behaviour

OTYA are delighted to have developed a course for families called

'Covid Fatigue'

This course is aimed at parents who are struggling with their own mental health or their child's mental health due to the ever-changing restrictions and lockdowns. 


As parents, we are faced with our children being coerced into taking an experimental injection that could hinder their development and future fertility, and as interest in home schooling rises, we want to help and support that journey.


As an agency we are always striving to help and do what is best for the future of our youth and parenting is a huge part of that!


I have started a Telegram page t.me/ourtimeyouthagency where these courses will be advertised and then held on Zoom - please join us there or follow me on Instagram

We look forward to working with you and helping you navigate these extraordinary times we are faced with.



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