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Creating a movement across the UK & Beyond

Our Time Youth Agency is a new and developing organisation, working across the United Kingdom & Europe, committed to providing high quality youth work projects for young people from all economic, social or demographic backgrounds.


The company's aim is to work holistically with children and young people, enabling them to develop their personal, social and educational skills through participation and positive engagement. By enriching their life experiences and achievements, we can ensure they reach their full potential and find their purpose.

Illustrated White Cats
Illustrated White Cats
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Creating a movement across the UK & Beyond

Providing services to Educate, Elevate & Empower whilst being an advocate & agent to increase opportunities in society for young people.

  • Educate young people with knowledge of self and life.

  • Elevate young people to believe in themselves and be confident in their skin.

  • Empower them to make healthy choices, enhance their skills and enable them to find their true purpose.


Through the projects we develop and deliver in schools our aim is to mentor and coach young people to explore and conquer the issues they face in today’s challenging society.

We understand today’s society is filled with unachievable high expectations and they have to face these with little or no support. They face growing up in a society that is in economic chaos, flooded with crime and murder & so many of our youths are entering the mental health or criminal justice system because they have limited options or have to wait months for any sort of intervention. We want to help change this narrative.


Warlingham School, Surrey County Council, Surrey Police, Sport England, Kayleigh Robinson Art, Specialist Youth Work and National Lottery are just seven of our supporters and groups we have worked with to help achieve our goal!

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We have been meeting milestones and making a mark with our youth with Rock it with Rho, Stafford School. Aqua Sports Company, Active Surrey, We Rise Again, Bee's Bakes, Women in Games and Oxted School!


Alexia Sibthorpe

I have been working with Alexia from Our Time Youth Agency for the past year helping her to deliver  her workshops at the local secondary schools and alternative learning provisions.

I have never seen anyone engage a young person on the level that Alexia does and her enthusiasm is infectious,  I quite often watch in awe. Add that to the creative and informative workshops then you definitely have a winning formula.

The workshops cover really important topics affecting young people including, drugs, alcohol, shoplifting, county lines, gangs and anti-social behaviour.  Due to recent events Alexia will also be adding hate-crime awareness to these workshops.
  Alexia has managed to engage around 200 people so far in these workshops who are then able to go on and hopefully be a positive influence on their peers which means the ‘reach’ of these workshops is potentially several hundred young people. If I had my way these workshops would be run in every Secondary school in the County for the benefit of young people and their local communities.


PC Sarah Adams,
Youth Engagement Officer for Tandridge

Alexia Sibthorpe

This is an interview with Career Solutions where Alexia is questioned about Youth Struggles, and the key areas in which the Youth struggle in today's society. 

This is a gripping watch that covers all depths of life changing events, and how we can identify and understand these events. 


Chira, with Career Solutions

07716 299405

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