Our Time Youth Agency are delighted to be able to offer FREE ONLINE workshops and classes to young people in Surrey and across the UK, alongside being back in the community and schools working with young people.

Young people have been isolated in their homes for nearly a year, some in very toxic environments, others just driven crazy by boredom.

Fitness and health has become a big concern as young people become more and more inactive and unmotivated due to the current situation and as schools close, mental health cases and referrals have increased to a level never seenbefore, and the services are over stretched. 

Antisocial behaviour is also on the increase because young people are struggling with the 'new normal' and are lashing out in fear and confusion.

Young people are in turmoil.


Please contact for any further information or for bookings.

Did you know...?

During the lockdown from April - September, we provided 44 Instagram Live sessions over 21 weeks.

Thank you to everyone who supported the movement, all the young people who came on the live sessions, and the influencers and partners who helped keep young people entertained and inspired.
We continue to offer these sessions,
Our Time To Go Live, Wednesdays 7-8pm
(more information below).

Get Involved

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Move 2 Improve is a new and exciting project developed to help get young people moving and dancing, but also tackles some of the most common mental health issues they face.

In a time where mental health cases are sky rocketing and the services are struggling to see young people, here at OTYA we wanted to develop a fun, interactive and supportive workshop that can help young people who cannot access 121 services due to their own anxiety accessing the services or long waiting times.

FREE Classes will be held on TUESDAY's on Zoom

(de Stafford school thereafter)

Remember - keeping active is a key element to keeping a peaceful and healthy mind, and helps balance the over-abundance of thoughts and feelings.

Dancing as a group activity also reinforces positive thinking and development.


So why not give it a try?!

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Our Time To Get Fit is a FREE bootcamp experience for young people in Surrey, held every Thursday at 5pm at Timber Hill Park, Caterham Valley.


  • Online Instagram challenge 6pm every Monday – message me your achievements (For example, how many sit ups can you do in 30secs)

  • Fitness sessions starts at 5pm on Thursday with Louis at the park, but please arrive at least 5 minutes earlier to sign in. The session will last 45mins with a health and wellbeing chat at the end of the session, finishing at 6pm.

  • Each young person who attends will receive a fruit selection and unlimited water during and after the session.

  • If the weather is deemed too bad to run the session, new details will be provided in the Instagram group and the session may run on Zoom.

Join us - we promise the most fun and fitness you've had all year!!

Click here to view the promotional video

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A 6-session, school-based mental health awareness project.

Each week we discuss a different topic around emotions and relationships.

Students are invited to talk about how the topic affects them, what the triggers are and then we look at coping strategies and how to implement them.


Emotions and relationships begin developing, evolving and emerging in young people. When this begins, it can be confusing and may cause feelings of alienation or isolation. This project targeted the confusion young people have to face and ensuring they don't have to face it alone.

Young people are offered additional support if needed and early help referrals done where risk is identified.



A 6-week school based project delivered in partnership with Surrey Council & Surrey Police.


This project was designed to raise awareness and get young people thinking about the consequences of getting involved in anti social behaviour, gangs, county lines, drug dealing, alcohol and drug use and educate them on the law relating to these types of crimes to deter them.

It is a question & answer based session with interactive games and role play to put young people in the shoes of the public or peers.



Come and join Alexia for a live and interactive chat every Wednesday at 7pm on Instagram.

Previous sessions have covered exam stress, anxiety, mental health and breathwork techniques, but it's mostly about having a general chit-chat and a catch-up!


It's your chance to ask questions, get involved or simply sit back and enjoy, so why not tune in and find out what it's all about...