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Happy May Everyone!!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Happy 5th month of the year everyone, its a busy month ahead, I am back in schools this month and I am SO HAPPY to be back delivering my mental health workshops to young people in schools and helping them understand these emotions and how to cope when they arise!

ALSO we have just launched Our Time To Get Fit OUTDOORS again :) We have a new amazing instructor called Louis, from 247 fitness (check out his page on insta) and we are bringing the summer and fitness vibes to you in full force!!

We will be in Timber Hill park, Caterham every week 5pm, its a free fitness session for any young person 11-19yrs and up to 24 with special needs <3 Come check us out, grab a consent form and bring it back the week after to join in, alternatively drop me a email or message and I will send the forms over....this is what is included in the project:

· Online Instagram challenge 6pm every Monday – message me your achievements (For example, how many sit ups can you do in 30secs)

· Fitness sessions starts at 5pm with Louis, arrive at least 5 minutes earlier to sign in please, the session will last 45mins with and health and wellbeing chat at the end of the session, finishing at 6pm.

· Each young person who attends will receive a fruit selection and unlimited water during and after the session.

· If the weather is deemed as too bad to run the session, new details will be provided in the Instagram group and the session may run on Zoom.

We can't wait to get fit with you all...check us out!!!

love Alexia x

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