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Me Time Monday

We have yet again another delightful piece from Maria Diego, this time with a little more magic and a Peter-Pan feel. Sink into this wonderful moral lesson and allow her beautiful words to fill your imagination.

Do you know what they say about flying? If you try, you may fall, but if you never try, you will never fly. Well, that was my mom’s advice when I was born out of a dandelion around four hundred years ago at a very glorious time. Oh, you didn’t know humans can live that long? That’s because they can’t. Lucky me, I am not one. I guess you know every human on earth wishes they could spread some wings around whenever they are asked about a power they would love to have. I am sorry they can’t because, between me and you, it is the most wonderful thing to do on Earth. Yes, I do still live here, among humans, whenever I manage to escape home.

My routine takes place in a tiny but magical hollow on the west side of the forest hidden in the town where you are right now. I tend to be close whenever a child laughs. I am bright and shiny, though I have never been seen. When it comes to hide and seek, I am the best one in the game! Me and my family own a very tall although slightly bent tree right in the heart of the forest and lots of squirrels come around to greet us all in the morning whenever the closest rooster decides to start his day. I am not a morning person, but I do love a blue clear sky full of surprises! Last surprise has been my little brother! Born out of a hyacinth, under the sign of fire, with the Sun on his side.

Part of my job as a fairy is to bring lost treasured items to their owners in the city, but nobody warned me about my job as a big sister: teaching my little brother how to fly! It has been a tough week because he still is very weak. He is light as a feather but somehow can’t manage to connect with his new-born wings. We went up to the tallest birds’ nest and I pushed him a little off the edge. He fell and kicked some branches on his way down, my fault! He spent the whole evening crying thinking he would never be able to make it but next morning we tried again. I decided to jump from the side mast of a little boat so if he fell, he would do it in a float over the water and it wouldn’t hurt as bad. He almost drowns! My fault again. Not only he was lacking confidence in himself, I was starting to lose mine as a teacher. Just because I learnt to fly straight away, that didn’t mean he would too, so I had to be the only thing I wasn’t being: patient. I remembered mom’s advice, but I knew he needed another one, so I gave him my own advice: it doesn't matter how many times you fall if you still get up and try again.

Next morning, I decided to let him try at his own pace, so we climbed a little tree and I waited for hours until he decided to jump. “Thank you for believing in me, Dandelia”, he said before jumping decisively and flying along. He even somersaulted few times in the air! He just needed time and I am glad I supported him throughout the process. We had so much fun he wants me to teach him something new, so next week he is going to swim in the lake, but I promise to take it slow!

- Maria Diego

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