timetable for summer camp.png

Our Time Youth Agency were delighted to be able to offer a jam-packed fortnight of fun to the youth in and around Caterham this summer. 

From physical sports and games to creative activities and team-building, confidence was grown, friendships were made and an amazing time was had by all.

Food was catered for by OYTA and Bee's Bakes, and despite the ever-changing 'Great' British weather (!), the first Our Time Youth Agency Summer Camp was a great success.

See you all next summer!

"Thank you so much for the summer camp, it was absolutely fantastic for me to have something for a young teen boy to do in the holidays.
I feel like it is an age group that is not catered for enough and as a Mum who hates kids being stuck indoors on computers, I was really happy to know he was getting a few hours each day of fresh air and being active and being with his peers.
I was also really confident that Alexia was more than capable of meetings Joe's needs and felt she really understood him and spent time building a positive relationship."

Jo, parent

"It was fun. I loved the competitions and the prizes were really generous.
I highly recommend and would love to be a part of this again."

Joe, attendee

"I have really enjoyed making new friends and I loved the arts and the sports that’s we did. All of the volunteers where really helpful and friendly and I would love to come again.
Thank you for all the fun"

Liyla, attendee

"A big thank you to all the staff who were so welcoming and enthusiastic each morning. 
I am truly grateful Liyla had such an awesome time and can’t stop talking about it.
You are all so amazing - thank you again and hope to meet again"

Laura, parent