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Past Projects

OYTA Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps

OTYA & HAF holiday camps run every Easter half term and during the six week summer holidays in Queens Park, Caterham.

These camps are for children on free school meals or with additional needs, and offer a variety of activities to promote physical skills, sports, creativity and team-building.

Food is catered for by OYTA and Bee's Bakes, and despite the ever-changing 'Great' British weather (!), our first four OYTA Camp's were a huge success.

Keep your eye on our Instagram page for announcements about the next camp, or click here.

"Thank you so much for the summer camp, it was absolutely fantastic for me to have something for a young teen boy to do in the holidays. I feel it is an age group that is not catered for enough and as a Mum who hates kids being stuck indoors on computers, I was really happy to know he was getting a few hours each day of fresh air and being active and being with his peers. I was also really confident that Alexia was more than capable of meetings Joe's needs and felt she really understood him and spent time building a positive relationship."

Jo, parent

"It was fun. I loved the competitions and the prizes were really generous.I highly recommend and would love to be a part of this again." 

Joe, attendee

"A big thank you to all the staff who were so welcoming and enthusiastic each morning. I am truly grateful Liyla had such an awesome time and can’t stop talking about it. You are all so amazing - thank you again and hope to meet again."

Laura, parent

OurTimeYouthAgency Easter Camp 2023_243.jpg
Our Time To Get Fit

Our Time To Get Fit

Our Time To Get Fit was a huge success, at a time when the country was coming out of lockdown and then further on throughout the restrictions.
The reason for this project and funding was to get young people out of the house, active and socialising again after being isolated for months.
We are proud to have engaged over 100 young people over six bootcamp projects across Tandridge, Surrey.

Surrey Youth Games

Surrey Youth Games

Our dance director Bayley-Rio lead the dance section for last year's Surrey Youth Games 2022, sponsored by Active Surrey and Specsavers.

Our dance troupe aged 6-11 from all over Tandridge performed a piece from the Disney movie 'Encanto' ('We Don't Talk About Bruno') and we were SO excited to showcase the talent from our local Bo




A 6-week school based project delivered in partnership with Surrey Council & Surrey Police.


This project was designed to raise awareness and get young people thinking about the consequences of getting involved in anti-social behaviour, gangs, county lines, drug dealing, alcohol and drug use, and educate them on the law relating to these types of crimes to deter them.

It was a question & answer based session with interactive games and role play to put young people in the shoes of the public or peers.

To read some feedback about this, please click here, and if you'd like to book this for your school, do get in touch




A 6-session, school-based mental health awareness project where each week, we discussed a different topic around emotions and relationships.

Students were invited to talk about how the topic affected them, what the triggers were and then we looked at coping strategies and how to implement them.
Emotions and relationships begin developing, evolving and emerging in young people. When this begins, it can be confusing and may cause feelings of alienation or isolation. This project targeted the confusion young people have to face to help ensure they didn't have to face it alone.

Young people were also offered additional support if needed and early help referrals were done where risk was identified.

If you are interested in booking this for your school, please get in touch

Did you know...?

During the lockdown from April - September 2020, we provided 44 Instagram Live sessions over 21 weeks.

Thank you to everyone who supported the movement, all the young people who came on the live sessions, and the influencers and partners who helped keep young people entertained and inspired.


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