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Kayleigh Robinson,
June 2020


April 2020

Samuel Fisk,
June 2020


Easy to listen to, relate to and understand. The LIVE sessions are incredibly interactive and it's wonderful seeing so many people join in. 

It feels very much like a family meeting, we get to know our strengths and weaknesses and have no shame for it. I love it.

Your live was incredible! So lovely to hear and see you trying to help other people! Loads of people probably have told you, but you are one amazing woman! So beautiful and caring! You make sure everyone is okay :) You bring smile's to people's faces!

 You have brought people to be who they are today by helping them! I'm so thankful for you to go out of your own way and go live and talk about lockdown and people's mental health! It's so brilliant to watch and listen! To see your bright face liight up others is amazing! I love you!

Girls in Nature

I love listening to the interviews, seeing a friendly face is much needed in lockdown. Lots of useful information and will be tuning in again!




You are amazing at what you do and the kids warm to you so much because you talk to them on a level they relate too, besides the honesty you relay to them about your own experiences...this really helps so they defo relate. Yet you are firm, assertive and command their attention, they can be open with you! I can assure you what you have told them has sunk in and I am positive to say it will make them think twice perhaps about the choices they make. Although they don't always show it as they like to be cocky in front of their peers I am telling you the workshops works and we appreciate you so much!!

December 2019



Helpful and interactive, first thing I've learnt all year!

February 2020




The Move to Improve class was amazing; You created a relaxed and fun atmosphere that encouraged honesty and egagement and I think all of the attendees took something positive away from the session. We cannot wait to bring you in for some more workshops, thank you!

January 2020

Tandridge Summer 2020


Thank You - To all the key workers, NHS staff, businesses, volunteers, parish councils and community groups, as well as all our partners, thank you for supporting, caring, being kind and keeping us safe during these unprecedented times.

Your local council magazine,
Summer 2020

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de Stafford Magazine


We aim to deliver, within our Personal, Health and Social Education curriculum, a varied and diverse programme to our young people. Working with Neighbourhood youth and Community Workers, Alexia Sibthorpe and Ryan Monshall based at Caterham's Youth Club provision, The Street, students from Year 8 have been exploring a series of workshops around "Identity" so that they can better their awareness in keeping themselves and those around them safe.

de Stafford School,
February 2020

Wellness News


The Our Time Youth Agency is supporting secondary school aged children in the district by holding weekly Instagram Sessions, which inlcude competitions, Influencer Interviews, Live sessions exploring how young people are coping with lockdown and chats about music, movies, gaming, personal issues, sport and fitness.

There is also lots of information, support and light-hearted fun to keep you connected virtually and safely at home when life returns to normal.

Wellness News, Tandridge District Council,
Summer 2020

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